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I n d i e D e s i g n [entries|friends|calendar]
Indie Designs

We created this community because we love making graphics! We are both makers over at freebees, a community that most of you will know but there is just too much drama so we wanted to make a place for you where you can come, request, without having to remember rules that change every week! you can request from us, give us suggestions but please be kind. We have been doing it for a little while but we're still learning too! feel free to drop us a note or ask any questions thanks so much for joining up we love you for it! xx Steph and Jackie
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Update and News [17 Aug 2006|01:00pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

After a long hiatus, I am back online. :-) I will be making some changes here at Indie to bring it back to life. It will be under construction for the next few weeks, but hopefully it will be worth it. :-) I am going to work on a new layout, info page, and try to drum up some mew makers as well as members. Any suggestions to make Indie a better community that is fun and interesting are MORE than welcome from y'all. I will be posting some ideas on what I am contemplating doing with Indie in the weeks to come and hope to have feedback from the members as to what they would like or not like. :-) Above all else, Indie will be a graphics community, but I am hoping to make it bigger, better, and more fun.


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Quick Update [24 Mar 2006|05:18am]

I just wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know what is going on. I will be posting a new graphic up for request within the next couple of days. Though Steph is leaving as a maker, Indie is still going to remain a community for graphic requests. Her writing site will be an affiliate to Indie, so check it out. I promise you won't be sorry. :-) There won't be any drastic changes here at Indie, other than a few cosmetic ones. I plan on updating and changing the user info page layout a bit and possibly the journal layout eventually. I am also contemplating adding a bit to the way graphics are requested here. I will update more on that later once I have everything worked out and it will also be posted in the user info when the change is added. I would love to get some more makers to join Indie, so if any of you know of any that may want to join and be a maker here, please feel free to let me know and refer them to the info page. :-) Also, I would like to hear some of your ideas on how Indie can become a better community. Thanks for all your patience and for sticking it out during the lull in activity, it is much appreciated.

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[24 Mar 2006|01:55pm]
Ive decided to resign as maker for indie design. When i first started this community i was really int making graphics and then i just sort of... stopped. i began writing instead and ive had a great response to that and so i have no created a website that has all of my design work as well as my writing on it. i will still be making things, so you can always check out my website and grab the goodies from there =)

ill hand this community over to jackie.. take care of my little baby! lol

and everyone else if you want to see my website just click the button below! xxx

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Quick Update [12 Mar 2006|01:11am]

Hey all!! :-) I just wanted to update to wish everyone and early Happy St. Patrick's Day. Things are slowly returning to a somewhat normal mode for me and I ahoping to be able to offer up some requests very soon. I got a new PC and am having to reload all of my brushes, tubes, textures, etc. in my graphics programs, so as soon as I am done with that, I hope to come up with something to offer up for request. Thanks to everyone for sticking around and staying in the community. :-)
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Request for Members [15 Feb 2006|01:51am]

Hello to everyone. I have a request for all the members here. :-) There is a contest for Valentine's Day in our local paper. It is for babies and you vote on which baby is the cutest. Four babies will win a $100 savings bond. Now, what I need everyone who reads this to do is go to the link below and enter the information asked for. When you get to the area where it says "My vote is for baby #:" put in the number 1121. The baby is Caylee, my best friend's 6 month old daughter, and we want her to get loads of votes and win. :-) So please click the link and vote for her!! Thanks!!!

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[13 Feb 2006|11:19pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

new icons!

9 olympic / skating iconsCollapse )

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Valentines Day Ecards [11 Feb 2006|08:35pm]
With the love holiday coming up i thought i'd make some ecards for my friends and such! Here are the blank versions of them for you to use yourself =) send them to friends, boyfriends, husbands or family!

9 valentines day cardsCollapse )
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User Info/Message board banners. [27 Jan 2006|05:10pm]

260x150 pixel UserInfo/Message board banners/tags/whatever you want to call them. ^_~
Ok, because these are incredibly time consuming to make (despite the fact they look really simple), I'm only taking 3 Requests. (Users on my Loved List do not count.)

So I need:

Images: 1-2 Good quality pictures
Text: Whatever text you want on the tag.
Text2 (optional): What LJ username/name you want me to tag it with.
Brushes: What kind of brushes you want, hearts, stars, butterflies, etc.
Colors: If possible, I will try and use a color scheme for you: Pinks, blues, greens, etc.
Background: On backgrounds other than white, the image will have a 10px white border around it. If you need a different color background, please tell me that too.
Lyrics (optional): For the faded text on the background, if you have a particular song you'd like, give me the title and artist or a link to the lyrics.

Example HereCollapse )
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Quick Update [11 Jan 2006|04:22am]

Just a reminder...we have the link buttons on the info page with the HTML needed to post them into your user info, please make sure to take one and use it. :-) Also, I want to encourage everyone to request when we post a graphic freebie, it is what this community is all about. :-) Don't forget to check out our affiliate communities and join them as well. Happy requesting!!

EDIT: Just a little FYI...if you have something you would like to say to one of us, please refrain from going to our personal journals and making comments there. The email link is on the the community user info page for that reason. Also, if you want to cancel a request, our personal journals is not the place to do that either. Simply go to the request post and either delete your request or post another comment saying you want to cancel your request. Thanks.

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Taking Requests! [11 Jan 2006|12:34am]

Hi!! Yay, first post!

Ok, I'm taking 5 icon requests (for starters) at this time! Any subject, fandom, theme, whatever. I need the following:

1.) 3 good quality images (please give me links to them, I recomend ImageShack for free hosting)
2.) Preferred colors/style to give me a general idea of what you want (fancy, grunge, simple, antique, etc.)
3.) Any text you want
4.) Font and font colors
5.) Type of brushes or specific brushes you may want

First come, first serve! I might wind up taking more than 5 requests, so don't hesitate to comment it there are already five lined up.

Thanks guys!

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