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Indie Designs
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Hello and welcome to Indie Designs. We are Steph and Jackie, and we created this community because we love making graphics. We have both been making graphics for quite some time now and have decided to offer them to you through this community.

We hope to make this one of the BEST requesting communities on LJ where you can get many different styles of graphics. Hence,we are ALWAYS looking for talented people to be makers here. If you would like to be a maker here, please feel free to contact us at the email link below with the filled out form, from the text box below it, in the body of the email and MAKER APPLICATION in the subject line.

We would like for this community to be one where people come and request often. We want our members to feel like this is as much THEIR community as it is ours. We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism about things you would like to see or have seen here at Indie and your ideas on how we can make this community even better are invaluable to us. If you would like to make a suggestion or have a question you can contact both of us at the email link below.
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The rules here at Indie are simple and few:

  • You MUST credit the maker for your requested graphics. A tutorial link is posted below on how and where to credit makers for members who are new to LJ.
  • You MUST treat all members, makers, and mods with respect. We don't want drama or arguing here at Indie.
  • Do NOT Hotlink. Save graphics to your PC and upload them to your own photohosting site. A list of links to some photohosting sites is posted at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

The rules may be added to if the need should arise. However, we don't want to bog everyone down with trying to remember a huge list of constantly changing rules just to get good graphics. We feel that keeping this list short should make it easy to remember, so if we find you haven't followed them we will give you warning. If the rules continue to be broken after your warning, we will remove you from the community. If you are removed from the community and don't understand why, you may email us at the link below and we will give you the reason in a reply email.
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Here at Indie you will find:

  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Color Bars
  • Custom User Info Banners
  • Tutorials
  • Custom Headers
  • Textures
  • E-Cards
  • Bases
  • Various Other Customized Graphics

We have buttons posted at the bottom of this page for you to use on your info page or websites to help promote the community. Please take one and spread the word. We want this community to be a success.

If you request a graphic here at Indie, you DON'T HAVE to use it if you don't really like how it turned out. We will do our very best to make a quality graphic that fits you, but we realize that sometimes you may simply not like the end result.

Please make sure to check this page often for any added information.
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Steph (mod/naker)- breathingwishes
Jackie (mod/maker)- lafemmetigre
- Graphics Examples
A.C (maker)- bonesy

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Contact Info:
Steph and Jackie


*Copy and paste the info in the text area, fill it in, and email it to us using the link above.*

Crediting Tutorial by shortiegirl06

Phothosting Sites:

Link Buttons
*Just copy the HTML in the box below the button you want and paste it into your user info to promote the community.*

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Jackie's Resources and Links

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*Please take a moment to visit our affiliates, read their info and rules, and join their communities as well. :-)*

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