Chief Medical Sassypants (bonesy) wrote in indie_designs,
Chief Medical Sassypants

User Info/Message board banners.

260x150 pixel UserInfo/Message board banners/tags/whatever you want to call them. ^_~
Ok, because these are incredibly time consuming to make (despite the fact they look really simple), I'm only taking 3 Requests. (Users on my Loved List do not count.)

So I need:

Images: 1-2 Good quality pictures
Text: Whatever text you want on the tag.
Text2 (optional): What LJ username/name you want me to tag it with.
Brushes: What kind of brushes you want, hearts, stars, butterflies, etc.
Colors: If possible, I will try and use a color scheme for you: Pinks, blues, greens, etc.
Background: On backgrounds other than white, the image will have a 10px white border around it. If you need a different color background, please tell me that too.
Lyrics (optional): For the faded text on the background, if you have a particular song you'd like, give me the title and artist or a link to the lyrics.

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