Chief Medical Sassypants (bonesy) wrote in indie_designs,
Chief Medical Sassypants

Taking Requests!

Hi!! Yay, first post!

Ok, I'm taking 5 icon requests (for starters) at this time! Any subject, fandom, theme, whatever. I need the following:

1.) 3 good quality images (please give me links to them, I recomend ImageShack for free hosting)
2.) Preferred colors/style to give me a general idea of what you want (fancy, grunge, simple, antique, etc.)
3.) Any text you want
4.) Font and font colors
5.) Type of brushes or specific brushes you may want

First come, first serve! I might wind up taking more than 5 requests, so don't hesitate to comment it there are already five lined up.

Thanks guys!

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